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Truly Egg-cellent

March 29, 2016

Eve Brannon

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Poached, fried, scrambled, boiled… Not just reserved for breakfast, eggs are one of the most versatile foods on the planet. With Easter just behind us, we take a look at the humble egg and all it has to offer.

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Containing everything to turn a single cell into a baby chicken, eggs are jam-packed full of nutritional goodness:

Vitamin B2 – helps your body to break down food into energy

Vitamin B12 – vital for producing red blood cells

Vitamin A – great for your eyesight and eye health

Vitamin E – fights off free radicals that can cause tissue and cellular damage, which may lead to cancer

Eggs are also packed with iron, zinc and phosphorus minerals that are vital for your body.

You get all of this at just 77 calories per whole egg, including 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of healthy fat

It is true that eggs are high in cholesterol. However, this is ‘dietary cholesterol’, different from the negative ‘blood cholesterol’ in the body. Despite the health recommendations of the past, there is no evidence that eating eggs will increase your blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown only beneficial health effects from consuming eggs daily.

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Eggs are an excellent source of protein, with a single egg containing 6 grams. Proteins are the main building blocks of the human body; they are used to create tissues and molecules that serve both structural and functional purposes. Getting enough protein in the diet is vital, recent research shows that the current recommended values might be too low. Eating adequate protein can help with weight loss, increase muscle mass, lower blood pressure and optimise bone health.

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Eggs are incredibly fulfilling, scoring highly on the Satiety Index scale, which measures the ability of foods to induce feelings of fullness and reduce subsequent calorie intake. Start your day with a hearty breakfast of eggs and reduce snacking throughout the day.

This superfood has no boundaries, is inexpensive, über-versatile and never gets boring… many reasons to crack one open today!

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