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Stretching is essential to improve flexibility, but what are the knock on effects of being more flexible?

Our stretch class focuses on improving athletic performance.

Stretching helps you achieve better form in just about any workout. For example with an everyday squat, it means you could get a lower. In a reformer class, your knees and hip flexors will bend further in side lunge or skater for instance.

Reduced soreness and improved blood circulation are focused on as stretching increases blood flow through your entire body, including your brain. It loosens your muscles and tendons which relieves muscle fatigue.

We achieve measurable results with myofascial release combined with dyno-band and trigger point ball exercises that get into the belly of the muscle.
We believe in stretching for injury prevention as nutrient supply is then increased and helps to speed recovery from muscle and joint injuries.

Energy and stamina are issues for our clients with busy lives. Getting that stretch class in just once a week gets oxygen efficiently flowing through your blood, thereby increasing your endurance.

You’ll walk out the door floating on a release of endorphins. Stretching has powerful stress-busting abilities, not only will your body benefit but your mind too.