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Reformer Pilates

Dynamic Reformer

Performed on our exclusive, state of the art, latest model machines from Balanced Body®, this workout challenges the core like nothing else, reforming your muscles evenly.

Enhancing coordination, balance and endurance while focusing on developing a powerful core, you will benefit from increased flexibility and strength. With an emphasis on alignment and breathing, the rewarding endorphin release calms the mind, while the workout alters the physique in methods that traditional exercise simply cannot match.

Apprentice Reformer

The Apprentice classes are about striking a balance between getting familiar with the reformer and isolating muscle groups to activate them correctly. Providing not only a great workout but also the sympathetic support, encouragement and reassurance that every beginner needs.

Three or four of these classes will get you used to the correct exercise techniques at a comfortable pace, putting you in a stronger position to tackle the tougher Dynamic classes. Or if have an injury or imbalances, apprentice sessions are the place to be – and prevent you from pushing too hard, too soon.