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MOTR Pilates

The Reform MOTR class is an action packed cardiovascular workout! Discover clever ways to challenge your agility, core, balance and strength with 55 minutes of functional training.

Reveal imbalances in the body with a balance component that keeps you distracted as your heart rate soars.

The roller type apparatus creates a challenging foundation. It is stabilised from beneath but the cylinder type surface creates a new found level of core strength as you’re required to balance as well as execute the move.

Cardiovascular fitness will increase as we maintain the heart rate above 130 bpm throughout, with intensity pushed to fatigue at 5 min intervals. Similar to HITT training.

Increase strength with resistance levels of light, medium and heavy. Operated by cables with a click mechanism And if all that wasn’t enough….. improve flexibility as well by stretching with resistance and finishing off with some welcome myofascial release as the body is rolled out on the well designed piece of kit.


I’m afraid as this class moves at a fast pace. The compression element in the joints must be optimal to react to the quick changes in body position and biomechanics. Otherwise the joint torque on specifically ankles, knees and shoulders would be to intense if weakness exists.