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// Preparing For Your First Reformer Pilates Class



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Preparing For Your First Reformer Pilates Class

August 6, 2018

Joining your first reformer pilates class can be daunting. At Reform Studios our aim is to introduce you to the class with ease and allow you to become familiar with the studio.

To take away the pressure of remembering a full list of items to bring with you, we provide complimentary water and towels. We also have beautiful shower and changing facilities with products for your use.

All you need to remember is to bring yourself!

Workout Attire

We would advise that you wear comfortable workout attire that lets you move and sweat such as; a comfortable t-shirt, shorts or leggings.


Shoes are not needed for our classes, however, if you prefer not to work out in bare feet, we sell toe socks for our reformer and barre classes.

Arrive on Time

We would advise that for every class, you need to arrive in good time so as not to disrupt the flow of a class. However, especially for your first class, it is important that you arrive early to get set up, become familiar with the equipment and to meet your instructor. This is the perfect time to understand the flow of the class and also to ask any last minute questions that you may have!

Ask Questions

Before and after the class, is the perfect time to ask your instructor questions related to the class. It is important to ask relevant questions, if there is anything in particular that you did not understand or follow. Our instructors would be more than willing to answer your queries.

Have Fun!

Reform Studios is a welcoming environment. Our classes are suitable for everyone and we encourage you to explore our classes and most importantly to enjoy yourself, let go of any stress and to have fun!


Want to start your Pilates journey today? Why not get introduced to this gentle exercise in a comfortable environment at an easy pace with Reform Studio’s Apprentice Class?

Reform Studios’ Apprentice Class strikes a balance between getting familiar with the reformer and isolating muscle groups to activate them correctly. Providing not only a great workout but also the sympathetic support, encouragement and reassurance that every beginner needs.

To find out more about beginners classes or to book a class with Reform Studios in Belfast and Edinburgh, click here. If you have any further questions about reformer pilates, contact us: Belfast 028 9066 0899 / Edinburgh 0131 285 5285.

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