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// Meet the Team: Spotlight on Yvette McGaffin



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Meet the Team: Spotlight on Yvette McGaffin

August 20, 2018

Meet Yvette McGaffin, the co owner of Reform Studios!

Yvette is a 32-year-old native New Zealander who lives in Northern Ireland with her husband Neal and their dog Floyd. Together, Yvette and Neal co founded Reform Studios in 2015.

Yvette enjoys a healthy lifestyle and trains every day, joining in on her team’s Reformer classes when she can, as well as offering classes herself in MOTR and Reformer Pilates. According to Yvette, Reformer Pilates; 

“is an evolution of traditional Pilates techniques using a resistance sprung machine that offers more support to the body. This allows the user to isolate and target specific muscle groups while increasing strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. It creates a fantastic balance through the body, which in turn helps avoid injury.”

Yvette loves to travel and even when she is away from home, still finds the time to integrate Reformer Pilates into her routine. She enjoys visiting other Reformer Pilates studios when she is away from home and being inspired by other Pilates professionals.

Yvette also finds that regular exercise and in particular, practicing Reformer Pilates, is very beneficial for relieving stress – “to calm the mind, you need to work the body, and so making sure daily exercise is a habit I guess.”

If you are interested or want to find out more about booking a class with Yvette, click here or contact us: Belfast 028 9066 0899 / Edinburgh 0131 285 5285.

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