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// Client Q&A: Mia Lavery



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Client Q&A: Mia Lavery

April 24, 2016

Journalist Eve Brannon talks Pilates and Personal Bests with Reform Studios client Mia Lavery



Can you tell us what brought you to start reformer Pilates?

Primarily I am a runner, so I was looking to find another form of exercise to improve and maintain my core strength. I had previously tried weight training for this purpose, but I found it a little too strenuous on the body. My recovery time after weight training was eating into time when I should have been running, so the two disciplines just didn’t work well together and I didn’t want to keep putting my body under so much stress continually. I then decided to try Reformer Pilates as an alternative to build my strength but in more nurturing way, without the same intensity.


How did you hear about it?

I literally just googled Pilates classes in the area back in December last year and Reform popped up.

When you’re not at Reform, what does life look like for you?

Running is a huge element of my life. Training takes up the majority of my time and many of my decisions centre around running, it’s demanding but I wouldn’t change it. Currently I aim to fit in about 50 miles a week. I work that in around my full time job within a printing firm, as well as time at home with my husband and obviously trying to see family and friends when I can.


Do you have a favourite reformer exercise? 

To be honest I love the stretching elements of the classes, particularly the ‘Dog Face Down’ stretch. It does wonders for my muscles in a way that I can’t stretch out on my own without the Reformer carriage. Other favourites would be anything that works the arms. Obviously my legs are continually being pushed when running, so I enjoy working my arms and have definitely noticed an improvement in my upper body strength since starting at Reform.


What sets Reform apart from workouts you’ve done in the past?

It’s completely different. For me it’s all about the body being corrected to exercise, move and stretch correctly. Reform gives me that in a way I have never experienced before and that’s priceless for my training. The attention to detail in posture is so valuable and I can see it has made a difference to my form on the track.



Have you tried Barre class and if so what’s your thoughts?

I haven’t as yet but I would love to. I’m curious so it’s next on the to-do list!


Do you have any goals in terms of your health or fitness for the future?

I just want to stay uninjured to be honest, that is so important for me. In terms of fitness goals, I hope to complete a good outdoor season in Ireland this year on the 400m track, then going forward hopefully next year I’ll go into the indoor 200m tracks. Obviously I would love to continuously improve upon my distance times.


What’s your favourite workout gear?

I like New Balance and Lucas Hugh. Both are great for either running or Pilates, as they’re really durable and comfortable.


And your favourite workout tunes?

I definitely choose upbeat music for long runs to keep me going, as they can be a little boring at times!


If you could travel anywhere in the world today, where would you go and why?
I would go to the French Alps. It’s where my Mum is from and I used to go there lots as a child but haven’t been back in a long while, so it would always be my favourite spot.
If you could have dinner with any four people whom would you choose and why?

I would choose my husband Paul, my best friend Una, a fellow runner and friend Kelly and finally, Laura Muir, a Scottish middle distance runner – I’d like to quiz her!




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