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Why Make Pilates a Part of Your Daily Life

There is no denying that regularly practicing pilates can have life changing benefits. However, integrating the exercise as part of your daily life has some lesser known benefits that you may not be aware of.   1. Escape The Daily Grind Pilates urges you to focus on breathing, listening to your body and understanding how […]

Meet the Team: Spotlight on Yvette McGaffin

Meet Yvette McGaffin, the co owner of Reform Studios! Yvette is a 32-year-old native New Zealander who lives in Northern Ireland with her husband Neal and their dog Floyd. Together, Yvette and Neal co founded Reform Studios in 2015. Yvette enjoys a healthy lifestyle and trains every day, joining in on her team’s Reformer classes […]

Preparing For Your First Reformer Pilates Class

Joining your first reformer pilates class can be daunting. At Reform Studios our aim is to introduce you to the class with ease and allow you to become familiar with the studio. To take away the pressure of remembering a full list of items to bring with you, we provide complimentary water and towels. We […]

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer aims to effectively and efficiently help you achieve specific goals without causing injury. Finding the right personal trainer can prove extremely valuable in learning what your body needs and what exercises your body reacts to through someone who has immense knowledge of fitness, alignment and physiology. According to – “Working out […]

What is the Difference Between Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates?

Keeping your body guessing is the key to changing it! There is no denying the benefits of regularly practicing pilates movements. With the surge in its popularity in recent years, pilates and how it is practiced has developed in innovative ways. This can sometimes make it difficult to decide which class is right for you […]

Sneak Peak: Take a Look at Our Reform Pilates Studio in Edinburgh

Reform Studios first opened its doors in Belfast’s Lisburn Road. After being an instant hit, a second studio was launched in Belfast’s Holywood Road, followed by further expansion and growth into Scotland. Reform’s boutique-style studio, located in Edinburgh’s popular Howe Street is a short distance from Stockbridge in Edinburgh’s New Town. The Reform Studio is […]

Coffee Free Energy Kicks

That first cup of coffee in the morning is a comforting ritual and can have many positive effects. However if you find that you crave that initial caffeine-hit all day long, are having health issues that could be related to overconsumption of coffee, or are just plain addicted, it may be time to address your consumption. […]

New Year, New You..?

THE DEFINITION OF ‘INSANITY’: “DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS” – ALBERT EINSTEIN So here we are again: another season behind us, full of family gatherings, holiday parties and festive feasts. With January comes the predictable promise of a fresh start. However, behind the seductive lure of “New Year, New […]

Reform Feel Good Factor

This week I embarked on my first class at Reform Studios. Beinga long time fan of Pilates, I was intrigued to learn of a fitness studio that offered a fresh take on the traditional physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. What is Reformer Pilates? In a nutshell, the method […]

Lucas Hugh

Reform are Northern Ireland’s only stockist of the luxury athletic wear label LUCAS HUGH LONDON. We currently display our items in the studio, and our teachers will be wearing them in class. LUCAS HUGH luxury athletic wear is for the woman who does not want to compromise on technical performance or style. With its directional […]

Welcome to Reform

On the 31st August 2015, Reform opened it’s doors to the people of Belfast and beyond. Since then we’ve been blown away by the reaction we’ve received and we’re pleased to say this is only the beginning, so keep a close eye as Reform grows and evolves. The support from our family, friends, local businesses […]