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Our exclusive Reformer Pilates and Barre workouts are next level, designed to fit around your busy lifestyle.

A stronger leaner body, a healthier, more energised you. Our tutelage is focused and precise. It will have a lasting effect on your body shape, posture, spinal health, and mental well-being. Our pioneering technique of functional training is born from Pilates but goes to the next level by design. The Reformer workout minimizes the repetitive stress on joints. The limitless options of exercises and ranges of motion exceed all other cardiovascular gym equipment.

The Reformer workout challenges your balance and core whilst stimulating multiple muscles at the same time. Our training method doesn’t just tick the cardiovascular box, it’s unbelievably fat burning with the least stress on your joints.

Our ballet barre workout created in Yvette’s native New Zealand, focuses on isometric movements that fire up the muscle without tearing it. This works to create a lean and toned physique.