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Light Up Your Life

‘Atapa Snana’ is the yogic phrase for the healing science of sunbathing: “Using solar energy, a sun-bath is taken during the hours when the sun index is low. Diseased parts of the body, usually skin ailments are exposed to the sun’s rays, whilst the remaining parts of the body are kept in the shade. Once the affected area […]

Client Q&A: Dr Paul Nolan

COULD YOU TELL US WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO START REFORMER PILATES? My sister in law in London had mentioned it to us before, she suffered from severe headaches and credits her reformer pilates sessions with curing them! My wife Bronagh and I were walking down the Lisburn Road one morning and saw the Reform billboard […]

If a Caveman Can…

Consider the generic, 21st century lifestyle – working long hours at a stressful desk job, while the end of the day is spent trying to recoup some down time with loved ones (often from the sofa). So what effect does this rather sedentary state have on our overall wellbeing and bodies? In this modern age, […]